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Welcome to our photo site! This is a small selection of the photos we have taken over the past years. We hope you enjoy them!

Equipment: Canon 1D Mark III and 20D bodies. 10-22 mm, 17-40 mm, 24-105 mm, 70-200 mm, 300 mm, and 500 mm lenses.

Please contact us at nicehaar@hotmail.com if you are interested in purchasing any prints!

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Captive and wild hummingbirds photographed in Arizona.

Updated: Apr 07, 2008 11:57am PST


Birds of Prey

Hawks, owls, and eagles.

Updated: Mar 28, 2009 10:04pm CEST


Captive and wild hummingbirds photographed in Arizona.

Updated: Apr 07, 2008 8:57pm CEST

Water Birds

Ducks, herons, egrets, and other waterfowl.

Updated: May 18, 2009 5:48am CEST

Sandhill Cranes

Photos of Sandhill cranes taken in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

Updated: Apr 07, 2008 10:25pm CEST

Tropical Birds

Parrots and other tropical birds photographed at various zoos.

Updated: Apr 08, 2008 3:09am CEST

Other Birds

Other wild birds that do not fit into the above categories, including ...

Updated: May 18, 2009 5:50am CEST

Fossil Springs Wilderness

Our family hiked this Arizona trail in November 2007. It was a four mi ...

Updated: Apr 07, 2008 8:58pm CEST

Sonoran Desert landscapes

The beautiful landscapes of the Sonoran desert around Tucson, Arizona.

Updated: Apr 08, 2008 2:50am CEST

Midwest Landscapes

Landscapes from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Updated: Aug 23, 2008 4:24am CEST


Flowers, buds, and blossoms both in the field and in the backyard.

Updated: Aug 17, 2008 4:35pm CEST


Nature's gorgeous green.

Updated: Aug 17, 2008 4:22pm CEST

La Jolla Beach

Pictures of the La Jolla beaches and cove, including the Children's Be ...

Updated: Feb 16, 2008 3:07am CEST

San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park

Our brief January trip to San Diego including the Wild Animal Park and ...

Updated: Aug 17, 2008 5:58pm CEST


Elk, bison, bears, moose, coyotes, foxes, and everything else in betwe ...

Updated: May 18, 2009 5:53am CEST

Thermal features

Geysers, hot pools, mud pots, and other thermal features at the park.

Updated: Nov 25, 2008 3:48pm CEST


A few of the many beautiful waterfalls at the park.

Updated: Nov 25, 2008 3:28pm CEST

Yellowstone landscapes

Break out that wide angle lens! Shots of Yellowstone lake, geyser basi ...

Updated: Nov 25, 2008 3:36pm CEST

Grand Teton landscapes

Mormon row, Snake river, and other Teton shots.

Updated: Oct 17, 2008 5:06am CEST

Our parrotlet, Mr. Kiwi

Mr. Kiwi is our wonderful Pacific Parrotlet - the World's smallest tru ...

Updated: May 18, 2009 5:45am CEST


Updated: Apr 04, 2008 8:21am CEST

Scott's Factory Five Cobra

Updated: Apr 07, 2008 8:58pm CEST


Updated: Aug 23, 2008 7:02pm CEST


Updated: Sep 23, 2010 8:28am CEST


Updated: Nov 25, 2008 4:20pm CEST


Updated: Aug 27, 2009 6:20am CEST


Updated: Aug 27, 2009 7:41am CEST


Updated: May 29, 2013 12:58am CEST

Claire Seno McDonald

Updated: Nov 29, 2013 11:19pm CEST

EF 500mm EF F4/L IS

Updated: Jun 28, 2014 5:23pm CEST

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